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XNAT - User Experience Development Hub

As XNAT prepares for the next major generation of development, we are making a shift toward user-centered design. With that in mind, we are beginning to dive in to the process of understanding today's user experience, and capturing the ideal experience for our core users. Our initial focus group is the CNDA team, a highly active group of researchers and project managers in the NIL at Washington University. (The CNDA is the pilot XNAT implementation, and the largest that our lab maintains.)

I. Define Business & User Requirements

Meeting log:
  • November 2, 2010 - Introduction to task and team. Preliminary definition of high-level goal, functional roles, and "project life cycle."

Upcoming steps:
  • Define functional roles more fully, and ask for volunteer representatives for each role.
  • Follow up with subsets of team to clarify/prioritize issues that we heard in the meeting.
  • Define current state, ideal end state, and acceptable intermediate goals.

II. Conducting User Research

Some key steps in the upcoming timeframe:
  • Active observation of users in their work environment.
  • Click-tracking measurement of core tasks using current XNAT, hosted in the NIAC lab.