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Web Services

Beginning with the release of XNAT 1.4, XNAT provides a comprehensive RESTful interface for tools which want to interact with XNAT data. Previously, a SOAP interface was used to support programmatic access to XNAT data. The SOAP framework has been deprecated and should be avoided. The RESTful interface to XNAT provides a very convenient featureset for interacting with XNAT data (all possible from a simple shell script with access to Curl).

REST Based Services (replacing all other web services)

REST Resource Definitions
REST Usage Guide
REST Quick Tutorial
XNAT REST XML Path Shortcuts
REST Enhanced Listing Options


Connect to the REST API
Manage HTTP Sessioning (prevent 50,000 logins/sessions)
Download Files (RAW, Reconstructions, or Assessments)
Create subjects
Uploading Files Tips
Upload Scan data
Upload Image Reconstructions
REST Interface to search engine

Additional Web Services

WebDav access via xnatfs

Deprecated Web Services

SOAP Based Services (deprecated upon release of version 1.4)


Uploading additional scan resources (BRIK/AFNI)
Creating a project off of a file system structure