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XNAT Developer Tools


Eclipse is an advanced, cross-platform Java IDE.

The NRG team uses Eclipse for development of all of our projects, thus our projects are designed to work well in an Eclipse environment and will be officially supported in Eclipse. Some developers have contributed instructions for developing XNAT with other IDEs (Netbeans ).


Mercurial is a modern, distributed version control system. All official NRG Mercurial repositories are hosted at bitbucket.org/nrg.


Many NRG projects use Maven 2 to manage dependencies and perform the software build. A developer's system should have Maven 2 installed.

The xdat_release and pipeline projects currently are based upon Maven 1, however the Maven 1 binary is shipped in the Mercurial repositories for these projects, so the developer does not need to install Maven 1. We plan to move all projects over to Maven 2 eventually.

We recommend installing the Eclipse plugin for Maven, M2Eclipse.