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Multiframe DICOM Support

ID: 1771
Module: XNAT
Source: Simon, CVRG
Creation Date: 7/9/2010

Authors: Tim Olsen

Background: Numerous groups have requested better support for DICOM multiframe data. This includes data from multiple modalities with a specific focus on Ultrasound.

  • The catalog XSD should be modified to support referencing frames out of multiframe files (cat:dcmMFEntry).
  • The catalog XSD should be modified to add frame level variables of interest (cat:dcmEntry).
  • The download logic in XNAT should be me modified to prevent duplicate downloads.
  • The metadata translation logic should be multiframe-aware: roughly, everything that now represents a file (a catalog entry, a row in the metadata translation db) should instead represent a frame, with an addressing scheme that looks like (file, tag path).
  • The assorted postprocessing tools, notably snapshot generation, should be multiframe-aware.